What’s Up with Cloud in 2023? Industry Predictions


The cloud is unavoidable these days, as it has become the default infrastructure for many data workloads. But cracks are appearing in the cloud’s walls, thanks to cost overruns and fear of lock-in. Those are just some of the concerns shared by industry experts as they predict what 2023 will bring.

2023 predictions for software development

SD Times

2022 saw business and technology come together under the banner of value stream management, more uptake in microservices and other cloud-native technologies, and a greater emphasis on software quality and security.
What will 2023 bring? These industry experts share their thoughts.

What’s Next for Data Analytics, AI, and Cloud in 2023?


As we enter 2023, the world of analytics, AI, and cloud is entering an exciting new phase, with a wide range of innovations and developments set to reshape the landscape. Below are some trends that will have the most impact in the coming year.

Big Data Professionals Offer 10 Predictions for Trends in 2023


From cloud to AI and onto new technologies and methodologies such as DataOps, another year means more solutions to choose from. Here, executives of leading companies provide predictions for what’s ahead in 2023 for big data. Plans for 5G deployments, new AI technologies like the metaverse or digital twins, and the rise of data fabric and data mesh are just some of the latest trends experts see coming to fruition in 2023.

Hyperscale, cyber vaulting and tougher policies — storage and data predictions for 2023

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Data is increasingly seen as being among and organization’s most valuable assets and businesses are generating more and more of it.
But of course it has to be stored and kept secure. Much of it is in an unstructured form too, which creates additional challenges. We asked some experts in the data and storage field to give us some predictions for this sector in the coming year.

96 Data Management Predictions from 52 Experts for 2023

Solutions Review

Solutions Review editors received data management predictions from experts for 2023, part of the 4th-annual BI Insight Jam.
As part of Solutions Review’s third-annual #BIInsightJam, we called for the industry’s best and brightest to share their data management predictions for 2023.