The insideBIGDATA IMPACT 50 List for Q1 2020


The team here at insideBIGDATA is deeply entrenched in following the big data ecosystem of companies from around the globe. We’re in close contact with most of the firms making waves in the technology areas of big data, data science, machine learning, AI and deep learning. Our in-box is filled each day with new announcements, commentaries, and insights about what’s driving the success of our industry so we’re in a unique position to publish our quarterly IMPACT 50 List of the most important movers and shakers in our industry. These companies have proven their relevance by the way they’re impacting the enterprise through leading edge products and services.

Alluxio Founder, Chairman and CTO Reveals Top Data Predictions for 2020


Alluxio’s Founder, Chairman and CTO Haoyuan (H.Y.) Li forecasts seven major developments in cloud, AI, DevOps, data analytics and storage in 2020. Most organizations are in the early stages of the data revolution running many different workloads on a wide variety of platforms across clouds and hybrid clouds. 2020 will see even more advances in AI, machine learning and analytic workloads and technologies to support them.

Predictions 2020: No Stopping “Kubernetifying” of the Analytics Stack


Alluxio’s Founder, Chairman and CTO Haoyuan (H.Y.) Li forecasts seven major developments in the Cloud, AI, DevOps, Data Analytics and Storage in 2020. HY thinks Containers and Kubernetes, with a push from AI, will make the biggest impact on the IT, Cloud and Big Data Analytics businesses.

Cloud computing in 2020: More hybrid customers and massive growth in China


Engineers who can manage structured and unstructured data will be the most in demand IT professionals in 2020 as companies build out their data technology infrastructure, according to Alluxio founder and CTO Haoyuan Li.
He describes 2020’s “super-power” skill as the ability to understand data as well as pick the right approach to analyze it.

10 Hot Big Data Companies To Watch In 2020


Data is not only growing in volume, it’s increasingly scattered across on-premises and cloud-based systems, complicating data management and governance tasks. Here are 10 companies with next-generation data management, data science and machine learning technology that solution providers should keep an eye on in 2020.

Data Lakes In Kubernetes Clusters: Challenges & Opportunities

As the data is exponentially growing it’s creating some unique channels around data. We sat down with Steven Mih, CEO of Alluxio to understand these challenges and how Alluxio is helping customers overcome these challenges.

For 2020, the crystal ball remains positively cloudy


Each year around this time we’re inundated with predictions from tech executives. Most are rather predictable, but there are always a few that stand out for going against the grain. So for this year’s cloud predictions, I thought I’d share some of the more interesting examples — along with a few cherry-picked from around the web — and add a little opinion of my own.

Kubernetes, Multicloud, and Low-Code Data Science: 2020’s Hottest Data Trends

TDWI Upside

Today’s data technologies are paving the way for the next step in our data journey. We’ve seen Kubernetes lead the way in application automation, more companies bet on the cloud, and how much today’s enterprise relies on data science. Couple that with the amount of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence data being generated and we see the door open for even more opportunity in the data management space. Here are some of the biggest data trends I look forward to seeing in 2020

Big Data Predictions: What 2020 Will Bring


With just over a week left on the 2019 calendar, it’s now time for predictions. We’ll run several stories featuring the 2020 predictions of industry experts and observers in the field. It all starts today with what is arguably the most critical aspect of the big data question: The data itself.