Alluxio Introduces Alluxio Enterprise AI For AI/ML Model Training


In this episode of TFiR: Let’s Talk, Adit Madan, Director of Products at Alluxio, talks about the announcement of their new data platform for AI, Alluxio Enterprise AI. He also talks about how Alluxio is helping enterprise customers who are training and fine-tuning models.

The 10 Hottest Big Data Tools Of 2023


Here’s a look at 10 big data tools that either debuted or were significantly enhanced this year that solution providers should be aware of.

Beyond the Hype: 10 Core Principles for AI Success


The paradigm shift ushered in by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in today’s business and technological landscapes is nothing short of revolutionary. AI’s potential to transform traditional business models, optimize operations, and catalyze innovation is vast. But navigating its complexities can be daunting. Organizations must understand and adhere to some foundational principles to ensure AI initiatives lead to sustainable success. Let’s delve deeper into these ten evergreen principles:

ISS Cleveland and the Current Market | Gestalt IT Rundown


We are at the 21st annual Information Security Summit in Cleveland today, and it’s been an interesting event for us. Not only is this close to home in Northeast Ohio, the long-running ISS event attracts a wide range of attendees and presenters across the information security space. Ransomware and AI are high on the agenda of course, but we’re also hearing about budgets and employment in the industry.

Data Management News for the Week of October 20; Updates from Dremio, SingleStore, Veritas & More

Solutions Review

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant big data and data management news can be a time-consuming task. As a result, our editorial team aims to provide a summary of the top headlines from the last week, in this space. Solutions Review editors will curate vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy big data and data management news items.

Alluxio Unveils Innovative Data Platform for AI


Revolutionizing the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, Alluxio introduced Alluxio Enterprise AI. Designed to meet the rising demands of AI and machine learning workloads on an enterprise’s data infrastructure, the new high-performance data platform will help enterprises accelerate AI products’ time-to-value and maximize infrastructure ROI.