Alluxio Mini Series is Live!

The Community Team has been producing short 3-4 min videos on various topics that could be a great resource to learn more about Alluxio, new features, and integrations with other tech stacks! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and keep an eye out for new videos every 2 weeks!

Introduction to Alluxio

Welcome to a 3-part series to an introduction to Alluxio! This is a great starting resource for new developers and users of Alluxio, with short 3-4 minute videos. Alluxio’s Community Evangelist ChanChan Mao introduces the existing data problems that Alluxio was created to address, where Alluxio sits in the big data ecosystem, and how you can contribute to the Alluxio Open Source Project!

Quick Start Guide

See how you can host Alluxio on your local machine in less than 3 minutes and dive into the details of the Alluxio Master & Worker Web UI.

Paging Storage

Learn about Paging Storage, an experimental feature in Alluxio 2.9, the benefits of it, and how it improves the efficiency of Alluxio Caching with Bin Fan (Chief Architect and Founding Engineer).


Learn about the architecture, deployment, and best practices for Alluxio on Kubernetes with Shawn Sun, Software Engineer at Alluxio.

Expedia Group User Journey

We have a new series coming out about Expedia Group’s user journey with Alluxio! Explore Expedia Group’s data landscape, see why data replication was not the right solution, and learn how Expedia Group reduced egress costs by unifying cross-region access in the cloud.

Maximize GPU Utilization

Beinan Wang, Senior Staff Engineer at Alluxio, and Tarik Bennett, Senior Solutions Engineer at Alluxio, share how Alluxio fits into the architecture of model training platform and how to utilize AI training tests with Alluxio to maximize your GPU utilization.

coming soon 9/5/2023