Tachyon 0.6.0 Release

We are happy to announce Tachyon v0.6.0, our largest release up to date with new features, lots of stability improvements, and a number of bug fixes! Here is a list of major changes.

Downloads for the release can be found here: Downloads.

Tiered Storage (Alpha)

Version 0.6.0 introduces the first iteration of a key feature in Tachyon, tiered storage. Support for different levels of storage in Tachyon is crucial for providing users flexibility in storing their data. Tachyon will support a hierarchy of storage devices, such as memory, SSD, and HDD. Users will be able to spill data across tiers to achieve better performance. We look forward to expanding this feature with subsequent releases.

Deployment Support

Deploying Tachyon is much easier in the 0.6.0 release. Tachyon now includes scripts for deploying a cluster via Docker or Vagrant, enabling new users to get started quickly and developers to easily simulate a deployed cluster.

Netty Data Server

Data transfer is one of Tachyon’s core functions. In this release, the data server implementation is redesigned with the Netty framework, providing both a more performant and maintainable solution.


  • Abhiraj Butala
  • Bradley Childs
  • Calvin Jia
  • Carson Wang
  • Chao Chen
  • Cheng Chang
  • Bradley Childs
  • Chao Chen
  • Dan Crankshaw
  • David Capwell
  • David Zhu
  • Darion Yaphet
  • Grace Huang
  • Jacky Li
  • Jingxin Feng
  • Joseph Tang
  • Juan Zhou
  • Jun Aoki
  • Kun Xu
  • Haoyuan Li
  • Henry Saputra
  • Huamin Chen
  • Vaishnav Kovvuri
  • Luogan Kun
  • Manu Goyal
  • Mingfei Shi
  • Mubarak Seyed
  • Nick Lanham
  • Pengfei Xuan
  • Rob Vesse
  • Robert Metzger
  • Rong Gu
  • Ramaraju Indukuri
  • Seonghwan Moon
  • Shaoshan Liu
  • Thu Kyaw
  • Vikram Sreekanti
  • Tao Wang
  • Xiaomeng Huang
  • Xing Lin
  • Yi Liu
  • Shu Peng
  • Zhao Zhang