Tachyon 0.3.0 Release

We are happy to announce Tachyon 0.3.0, a major release with new features, improvements, and a number of bug fixes. This is our first major release after being open sourced, with contributions from 15 developers and 8 companies.

Downloads for the release can be found here: Downloads.

Master Fault Tolerance

High availability is important for a storage system. In this release, we added the master fault tolerant feature using ZooKeeper.

Build and Development

Packaging with a different Hadoop version could be troublesome. In this release, we improved the build file to make this process easy. For example, if you want to build with Hadoop 1.1.0 (default packing Hadoop version is 1.0.4), you can simply do:

mvn package -Dhadoop.version=1.1.0

Better Underlayer Filesystem Support

From this release, users can also use S3 as an underlayer filesystem, besides HDFS. This benefits applications that require to load data from aws. In the meantime, users can see more information about user configured underlayer filesystem from Tachyon UI. We also function to make Tachyon understand underlayer filesystem with one command (https://github.com/amplab/tachyon/wiki/Syncing-the-Underlying-Filesystem).

Other Improvements

  • Improved support for large files.
  • Consolidated scripts.
  • Timeout logic for Tachyon client.
  • Improved performance for small files.
  • 29 bug fixes


We would like to thank Rong Gu, Mark Hamstra, Jie Huang, Calvin Jia, Jey Kottalam, Nick Lanham, Haoyuan Li, Srinivas Parayya, Orcun Simsek, Achal Soni, Joseph Tang, Hobin Yoon, Bill Zhao, Xiaomin Zhang, Xiang Zhong for their contributions to this release.