Tachyon 0.2.0 Release

The new version brings better API, new features, performance improvements, enhanced UI, and stability to Tachyon. Major changes are documented below:

Downloads for the release can be found here: Downloads.

Java-like file API

  • Tachyon has an API similar to JAVA file with InputStream, OutputStream API.
  • Efficient support for memory mapped IO.

Native support for raw tables

  • Table data with hundreds or more columns is common in data warehouses. Tachyon provides native support for multi-columned data.
  • The user can choose only to put often queried columns in memory.


  • Hadoop MapReduce and Spark can run with Tachyon without any modification.

Pluggable underlayer file system

  • Tachyon checkpoints in memory data into the underlayer file system. Tachyon has a generic interface to make plugging in an underlayer file system easy.
  • Tachyon now supports HDFS, and single node local file system.

Enhanced UI

  • The new web UI is more user friendly.
  • User can browse the file system easily.
  • With debug mode, admins can also view detailed information of each file, including locations, checkpoint path, etc.

Command line interaction

  • Users can use ./bin/tachyon tfs to interact with the file system.
  • It is simple to copy data in and out of the file system.

Simpler Deployment

  • We have significantly simplified the deployment process.