Alluxio 2.7.4 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio 2.7.4! This is an edge release for Alluxio open source on top of Alluxio 2.7.3, with a variety of bug fixes, documentation, and improvements.


We added a strong PropertyType in PropertyKey (4f78836), which will enforce property key type for all property keys, and validate values when they are set rather than retrieved.  By doing so, we’re able to store values in the expected format which will make the get operations become more efficient.

We added multi-disk support (31ba1c) and in-heap cache support (d102512) for the local cache.

We also fixed a bunch of flaky tests and improved our documentation and metrics.


Improve state-lock acquisition defaults (6accf7)

Include rocksdb into shaded client jar (e552fa)

Improve logging and misc in FUSE integration (061519 )

Improve JNIFUSE JVM initialization and error handling (677bb0)

Stop copying Alluxio configs in cacheThroughRead (bc104a)

Improve logging and misc in FUSE integration (061519f)

Fix isSetByUser reports incorrect config source (2df1da)


Fix UFS version check in hdfs supportsPath (cb3c8b)

Fix utimens in JNIFuse (47cfde7)

Fix networkIO exception in distributedCP (75210e)

Fix for handling incomplete file (31ba1c)

Fix RocksDB iterator leak on backup (e2559a)

Fix isSetByUser reports incorrect config source (2df1da)


We want to thank the community for their valuable contributions to the Alluxio 2.7.4 release. Especially, we would like to thank:

Byron Zhang, Chen Junda, Haoning Sun, Hoang Pham, Jack, Jason Tieu, Jiacheng Liu, Kevin Cai, Shiqi Liu, Xi Chen, Yaolong Liu, Yuang Zhang, Zac Blanco, Zhichao Zhang, Zijie Lu, abcyhq, bingzheng,, dengweisysu, heyingquan0030, jier, jja725, l-shen,, lily_zhou, lucaspeng12138, maobaolong, qian0817, witheredwood, xuankun zheng, xwzbupt, yangy, 张庚昕

Enjoy the new release and look forward to hearing your feedback on our community slack channel.