Alluxio 2.5.0-3 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio 2.5.0-3! This is an edge release for Alluxio open source on top of Alluxio 2.5.0, with a variety of bug fixes, documentation, and performance improvements. 

Improve Alluxio FUSE Integration

  • Fix Fuse write then read problem in async release and support umount (b1b3f409)
  • Fix the worker hang issue (c668ae80)
  • Improve overwrite logs and enable touch test in JNIFuse (97faa15b)
  • Use default Uid/Gid on FUSE create/mkdir when translation is off (e2afd1e8)
  • Support distributed load files to alluxio by an include worker set (fc5a2805)
  • Fix alluxio-fuse stat for Alluxio-Worker-FUSE (386a9f40)
  • Support open file for override (55cc3b70)

Improve Alluxio caching & metadata performance

  • Check consistency should check file length (e18198d8)
  • Attempt to fix RocksDB SegFaulting Occasionally (ceaaef4d)(5eafd094)
  • Cancel sync job in middle of ufs calls if client cancelled (9c1c15fb)
  • Fix shell command “test ” cannot differentiate exception and “false” (308992c0)
  • Fix master crash due to journal flush error (70d6d0b6)
  • Prevent loading child inode metadata when not required (6f187451)
  • Add journal space monitor (ae96f327)

Improve Integration with UFS and K8s and WebUI

  • Add retry options to GCS requests (6253b6e5)
  • Add Helm chart support for k8s node tolerations  (7964c9f6)
  • Enable HTTPS when SSE is enabled on S3 (d4890f96)
  • Enable webui ( master,worker) run normally when start Alluxio in IDE (791111c3)
  • Add Search Properties bar to the Web UI Configuration tab (3cfa3404)
  • Improve check consistency with under storage behavior (bbada6ac)

Improve Alluxio Job service

  • Improve efficiency of distributedLoad (ce249e38)(8d4f95ac)
  • Support distributed load files to alluxio by workers in a file (2b429fc1)
  • Add index file option for distributedLoad command (281430f3)


We would like to thank our community contributors: Eugene Ma, Ce Zhang, Peter Roelants, Thinking Chen, Zac Blanco, Bing Zheng, Pan Liu, Yantao Xue, Chenliang Liu, Zhenwei Wu,  and ja725.