Alluxio 2.5.0-2 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio 2.5.0-2! This is an edge release for Alluxio open source on top of Alluxio 2.5.0, with a variety of bug fixes, documentation, and performance improvements. 

Improve Alluxio FUSE Integration

  • Fix Fuse write then read problem in async release and support umount (b1b3f409)
  • Reduce Mem Copy in the client (32f64b63)
  • Add metrics sink for standalone fuse process (a2fdf207)
  • Support utimens for JNI-FUSE (2dbd60f9)
  • Add metrics to JNIFuse and StackFS (abfd6e1c)(b6893335)
  • Wait file closed before unmount fuse (8f618358)
  • Support Fuse Mount with Worker to Reduce RPCs (09659b82)
  • Implement fuse flush function (a369d0b6)

Improve metadata operation performance

  • Reduce unnecessary creation of breadcrumbs (d9461289)
  • Reduce unnecessary prefetching in metadata sync (d41fb8da)
  • Add retry logic (02033663)

Improve caching performance

  • Improve tiered storage-related logging (647c671f)
  • Fix async caching requests (1e7c2f7e)
  • Improve Worker Interface and implementation (2ad1e1e0)

Other general improvements or bug fixes

  • Upgrade aws-sdk version (37bf0ad5)
  • Update default client pool size to accommodate more concurrent computes (a272616e)\
  • Update generate-tarball.go to include abfs ufs (d91cae9a)
  • Fix various issues in helm-chart (14155df2)(dcfe0c04)(27d9b2ab)
  • Add configuration to stop master process on demotion (72fb5d42)
  • Add replay statistics for journal startup (a067b949)
  • Fix potential direct memory leak due to DirecBytetBuffer release (6231603c)
  • Avoid ser/der cost in creating BlockReadRequest.Factory (3061a69f)
  • Load cluster conf only if property is set (bccbda8d)
  • Update FileInfo when the file is committed (eeb41934)
  • Reuse refcount=0 lock in the LockPool (9a35c1ae)
  • Do not abbreviate job description if verbose flag is used (77adf338)
  • Implement nondeterministic LRU (feb4aa08)
  • Reduce default inode cache size (aab820c7)
  • Improve logLevel command (7f2ac1a8)
  • Enable ROCKS metastore as default (cb4852ff)


We would like to thank our community contributors: Binyang Li, Arthur Jenoudet, Zhenyu Song, Baolong Mao, Daniel Pham, wuzhenwei-xxx, Micah Zhao, Zac Blanco, Jieliang Li, Thinking Chen, Pramesh Gupta, leewish, and cutiechi