Alluxio 2.4.1-2 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio 2.4.1-2! This is an edge release for Alluxio open source. This edge release mostly contains a variety of bug fixes, documentation, and performance improvements over the existing Alluxio 2.4 line.

Improve Alluxio FUSE

  • Add JNIFuse related documentation (ac4d9623) (2e3f8326)
  • Rename native flag for fuse to fuse-native (139e1881)
  • Add a native profile to build jnifuse in compile phase (b189dd456)

Improve Alluxio S3 API 

  • Fix wrong owner when creating directory object in S3 API (15ad7b7a)
  • Fix Python S3 API (7d395e16)
  • Add exception message as part of the failed response for S3 Requests (ca4e8e7f)
  • Add Directory support for S3 PutObject + Debug Logging Support (0ffa4587)
  • Add Authentication to S3 API (136c2fef)
  • Add S3 api tests and maxKeys (977be8a25)
  • Fix ListBucket in S3 API v1 to return correct values (eac65f8d8)
  • Support Authorization and add ListAllMyBuckets for S3 Rest Api (652411941)

Improve Journal system

  • Fix ufs journal dumper input directory (0adc293b)
  • Flush when written journal reach to the given batch size (d4c9793c)
  • Change to journal large table partitions separately (d5281a1e587)

Other general improvements or bug fixes

  • Prevent removeBlock from waiting indefinitely (5d301bda)
  • Fix backup lock acquisition (04c447d8)
  • Add retention period for java 11 artifacts (2de26092)
  • Add ‘attachdb’ option for mounting diff prefix partitions (fdba11b3)
  • Write async persistent tmp file to sub-directory of mount point (df1e26d8)
  • Avoid RuntimeException for unresolved hostname during metrics reporting (da9d981d)
  • Fix auto-restart using systemd (d6624bb5)
  • Enable remote logging in k8s (bf06be11)
  • Add a configuration parameter for async cache manager workqueue size (9cc73697)
  • Add maven plugin for proto lock (8d1f4559c)
  • Add Metrics System Configurations to Helm Chart (9833d5f0)
  • Enable logserver for docker/k8s (9833d5f0)
  • Avoid loads ufs jars multiple times during journal formatting (f90e42e4)
  • Add logging for slow reads/closes (eaed75bf4)
  • Improve logging for tier mgmt task (29631bd5)


We would like to thank our community contributors: Li Cheng, Han Zhang, Sandy Xiong, Pan Liu, and Baolong Mao from Tencent improved various core functionalities including COS integration and documentation; Nirav Chotai improved Alluxio helm chart integration;  Yichuan Huang from Robinhood improved Alluxio’s structured data service; and Ce Zhang from China Unicom improved error handling.