Alluxio 2.1.2 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio 2.1.2!

This is a patch release on the Alluxio 2.1.X line. It contains a variety of bug fixes and performance improvements to Alluxio 2.1.1.


  • Reduce spammy logs from DynamicResourcePool – (27d3c21a3688)
  • Fix directory index after disk failure – (d95e4f458bd3)
  • Fix Distributed Load Retry Logic – (cb3dc8257373)
  • Fix NPE in GetDatabase – (065068187bee)
  • Add relogin on connect – (fe425b7060ef)
  • Add database information to getDatabase calls – (827b9a2e4478)
  • Fix fingerprints for persisted files – (7868b6685055)
  • Fix the backup restore metrics name – (4b0400596ea2)
  • Add listening address for embedded journal – (5952a189eac1)
  • Fix JobMaster.cancel(jobId) – (95a3414dd89b)
  • Set raft-client policy to connect to leader for journal writes – (c6d31fa2e6c0)
  • Prevent asyncUpdateFileAccessTime from bringing down applications – (5ece322dee51)
  • Add logging to the table syncing process – (46dffb208b19)
  • Implement basic version of getDatabase in catalog service – (4f2e78fcda1c)
  • Keep worker client open after creating data reader/writer – (f6ac90479530)
  • Release clients back into pools during even during context reinit – (9fcfcb18ad48)
  • Add the ability to cache list status results – (24a151ebc4f5)
  • Use DynamicResourcePool for FS and Block clients – (f12e3ae2676a)
  • Shutdown RPC channel immediately if health-check failed – (90e9b3b35d73)