Alluxio 2.1.1 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio 2.1.1!

This is a patch release on the Alluxio 2.1.X line. It contains a variety of bug fixes and performance improvements to Alluxio 2.1.0.


Issue Fixes

  • Populate worker webUI fileInfos when blocks are present (8b058cc65a19)
  • Make rejecting server listen on correct address (9c03e919748e)
  • Fix traces for RaftJournalWriter (aa4d50c9f676)
  • Fix NPE in UfsFallbackBlockWriteHandler (ef3ac4688d40)
  • Load metadata for the path that we are syncing (ad4b1401e03c)
  • Handle too many attempts properly in DistributedLoadCommand (9c4e3fe1d6eb)
  • Avoid registering listener for channel state change (7eba7476eb2c)
  • Log errors instead of throwing exceptions for best-effort send (69dd2fd1749d)
  • Fix potential NPE on worker start when local mount command fails (730344673c9c)
  • Fix logging calls with wrong arguments (0e60893c3901)
  • Fix NPE in UfsDirectoryStatus (512c04b177d6)
  • Fix race condition building extension properties (273f823c9f35)