Alluxio 2.0.1 Release

We are excited to announce Alluxio version 2.0.1, a maintenance release containing several important bug fixes. The release improves usability and resolves several issues.


  • Alluxio EMR Bootstrap Script Refactor
  • Improve UFS journal parsing efficiency (Alluxio#9698)
  • Support isolating Zookeeper client configuration for suppressing authentication (Alluxio#9438)
  • Support statfs by Alluxio POSIX API (Alluxio#9418)
  • Support specifying mode when create files with Alluxio POSIX API (Alluxio#9367)
  • Support concurrent monitoring of Alluxio processes during startup (Alluxio#9355)
  • Improvements in heart beat and resource pool interruption handling (Alluxio#9658) (Alluxio#9584)
  • Improve sync cache to consider recursive sync of ancestors (Alluxio#9545)
  • Performance improvement in checkConsistency CLI (Alluxio#9564)