Alluxio 1.8.1 Release

1.8.1 Patch Notes

We are excited to announce Alluxio version 1.8.1, a maintenance release containing several important bug fixes. The release improves usability and resolves several issues.


Issue Fix

  • Fix the issue with docker build on Centos 7 (detail)
  • Fix a NullPointerException on extremely slow worker initialization (details)
  • Fix a bug on client registration when NO_SASL security is enabled (details)
  • Fix a bug not able to pass a UFS extension option to root mount (details)
  • Choose a better location for WebUI resource directory (details)
  • Add a missing script into release package (details)
  • Improve getConf CLI to work on when local configuration is invalid (details) and support alias (details)
  • Fix an issue when epoll is unavailable (details)
  • Correct the journal of mount operations (details)
  • Fix the permission checking on recursive delete (details)
  • Fix the issue of chmod on readOnly mount (details)
  • Fix a bug in writing journal backups to shared storage (details)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this patch! Special thanks to the community contribution from Jian Peng (Tencent), Chaoguang Li (Qiniu) and Jingping Feng (VIPShop) for improving the functionality or reporting and fixing important issues in this release.

Downloads for this patch can be found here: Downloads