Alluxio 1.6.0 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio v1.6.0. This release provides significant usability improvements. The biggest feature for this release is the S3 API, which allows applications to interact with Alluxio in the same way that they interact with S3. Highlights for the release are listed below.

Downloads for this release can be found here: Downloads


1.6.0 adds support for a RESTful API that is compatible with the basic operations of the Amazon S3 API. Applications previously using S3 as a backend can be seamlessly transitioned to use Alluxio backed by S3 (or any other storage) without code change. See the documentation for more details.

Python Client

Python Client has been developed for interacting with Alluxio from Python environments. The Python client exposes an API similar to the native Java API. See this example of how to perform basic filesystem operations in Alluxio.

Audit Logging

Alluxio supports audit logging of user accesses. With audit logging, system administrators can keep track of which operations each user has attempted to perform. The format and functionality is consistent with HDFS audit logging. See the documentation for more details

Third party UFS connector management

1.6.0 improves UFS extensibility by enabling users to write their own UFS extension JARs and then add them to Alluxio at runtime. See the Using Under Storage Extensions and Developing Under Storage Extensions docs for more details.

Dynamically adjustable log levels

Users can now modify Alluxio server log levels without needing to restart the server. For example, to get debug logging for the “alluxio.master.file” logger, you could run

alluxio logLevel –loggerName=alluxio.master.file –target=master_ip:19999 –level=DEBUG

See the documentation for more details.

Remote Logging

Alluxio supports sending logs to a remote log server over the network. This feature can be useful to system administrators who want to consolidate Alluxio logs in a central location. See the documentation for more details.


We would like to thank the following members of the community for their contributions to Alluxio 1.6.0. The release would not have been possible without your efforts!

Adit Madan, Andrew Audibert, Baolong Mao, Bin Fan, Bin Feng, Calvin Jia, Chaomin Yu, Cheng Chang, Chongjie Li, Ding Wang, Gene Pang, Haoyuan Li, Hui Ge, Isabella Ni, Jill Chih, Jing Li, Jiri Simsa, Jiyang Yan, Kaixuan Huang, Kwun Hang Chan, Leo Wang, Li Jiang, Lijing Liu, Lu Qiu, Min Chen, Mingdi Mao, Mohamed Hassaan, Neena Pemmaraju, Pei Sun, Prasad Nagaraj Subramanya, Qi Yang, Qiu Hu, Rong Gu, RukawaKaede, Shawy Geng, Shuyu Yin, Taylor Li, Wei Zhao, Weijun Qian, William Zapata, Xiangru Liang, Xiangru Liang, Xiaoli Tang, Xiaoqi Wu, Xiaoyi Xin, Xin Sun, Yang Xiao, Yanqin Jin, Yao Li, Yilun Fu, Ying Sheng, Yiwei Sun, Yupeng Fu, Zhang Fen, Zhi Huang, Zhongyi Xie, beader, emanxia, innkp, jianran, newnius, nika11, pNswordsman, regin64, wanglei, zilong