Alluxio 1.3.0 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio v1.3.0. This release focuses on improving the usability and performance of Alluxio and Alluxio’s integrations with many projects in the ecosystem including support for HBase. Highlights of major features and improvements are listed below.

Downloads for this release can be found here: Downloads.

Ecosystem Integrations

  • Optimized Swift connector:
    • Alluxio Swift connector read performance improved by 2x
    • Enabled large directory listings with pagination
    • Improved sync and persist logic
  • Improved S3A connector:
    • Alluxio S3A connector write performance improved by 2x
    • Support for user defined S3 storage endpoint
  • More flexible Mesos integration:
    • Ability to specify which machine the Alluxio master will be deployed on
    • Support for launching user defined Alluxio distributions
  • Support for HBase:
    • Integration for running HBase on top of Alluxio, see the documentation for more details
  • Support for MapR-FS:
    • Integration for running MapR-FS as an under storage for Alluxio, see the documentation for more details

Usability Improvements

  • Improved metrics collection:
    • Alluxio metrics collection is easily integrated with 3rd party metrics systems
    • More accurate metrics by separating client and server metrics
  • Full support for the Alluxio user concept and permission control:
  • More lightweight Alluxio client dependencies:
    • Under storage delegation is enabled by default, meaning only servers need under storage connector libraries. See the configuration documentation for the different settings available.
    • Prevents client side dependency and configuration conflicts

Performance Improvements

  • Optimized small random read performance (ie. for SQL workloads):
    • Read latency improved by up to 10x
    • Read IOPS improved by up to 2x
  • Improved Alluxio interprocess communication performance and scalability:
    • Removed client side limit on number of concurrent operations
    • Decreased overhead of client operations through persistent connections


We would like to thank the following members of the community for their contributions to Alluxio 1.3.0. The release would not have been possible without your efforts! Adarsh Vakkaleri Sateesh, Adit Madan, Andrew Audibert, Bin Fan, Calvin Jia, Chang Cheng, Chen Min, Chaomin Yu, Dapeng Sun, Dantong Zhu, Gene Pang, Haoyuan Li, Hongwei Qin, Huang Zhi, Jan Hentschel, Jason Sun, Jian Hu, Jiri Simsa, Jun Shi, Kaiming Wan, Lei Qi, Liu Shaohui, Luo Li, Mehedi Hasan, Michael Phantom, Nate Putnanm, Parry, Pei Sun, Peng Shu, Pengfei Xuan, Qiu Hu, Ryan Walton, Shen Xin, Shiqing Fan, Shou Di, Siyang Yu, Sudhir Rajeev, Tang Bo, Tim Bisson, Wang Lei, Xiao Chen, Xiaotong Sun, Xinxin Huang, Xuan Gong, Yufa Zhou, Yupeng Fu, greathjt, milton0825, cry2133, suinking, wei-he