Alluxio 1.2.0 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Alluxio v1.2.0. This release focuses on improving the usability of Alluxio and integrations with object storages like S3 and Swift. Highlights of major features and improvements are listed below.

Downloads for this release can be found here: Downloads.

Object Storage Integrations

  • Richer feature set and improved performance for S3 under storage:
    • Support for Amazon’s official s3 client library, aws-sdk through the s3a:// scheme.
    • S3a achieves up to 4x higher write throughput compared to s3n.
    • S3a achieves up to 2x higher metadata throughput compared to s3n.
    • Support for advanced features including instance profile login, server side encryption, and secure http protocol.
    • Jets3t client library is still available under the s3n:// scheme.
  • Improved performance for Swift under storage: Alluxio 1.2 streamlines operations to Swift under storages, cutting down the number of requests to Swift per command by up to 4x compared to previous versions of Alluxio.

Usability Improvements

  • Transparent ACLs between Alluxio and under storages with ACL support: Automatically propagates user, group, and permissions information from Alluxio to the under storage. Automatically fetches user, group, and permissions information from the under storage into Alluxio when new file metadata are discovered. Enable this feature by setting the flag to true.
  • Improved file system metadata management: Alluxio 1.2 manages metadata over 3x more effectively compared to Alluxio 1.1.1, allowing users to store and access triple the amount of metadata compared to before.
  • More flexible under storage metadata management: Alluxio now provides finer grained control over metadata loaded from the under storage. For each operation which may need to consult the under storage, users can specify if they want to always sync new data, only sync new data on the first access, or never sync new data.


We would like to thank the following members of the community for their contributions to Alluxio 1.2.0. The release would not have been possible without your efforts! Adit Madan, Alexandr Krasheninnikov, Andrew Audibert, Bin Fan, Calvin Jia, Chan Ning, Chang Cheng, Chaomin Yu, Charis Chen, Dongming Liang, Eugen Feller, Faye Hua, Gene Pang, Han Gao, Haoyuan Li, Helen Wang, Huang Zhi, Jackni Chao, Jan Hentschel, Jiri Simsa, Jun Shi, Junbo Qin, Kai Shen, Lei Qi, Lijun Zhang, Luo Li, Pei Sun, Pengfei Xuan, Ping Li, Qingjun Chen, Renlv xue, Rong Gu, Ryan Churaman, Ryan Walton, Shouyu Chen, Siyang Yu, Tim Bisson, Vincent Pham, Wang Shen, Wangyuan Xun, Xia Zhu, Xiang Li, Xiaofei Ge, Xuewei Zhang, Yufa Zhou, Yupeng Fu, a598872420, afsconan, BigBug92, btl, jdoop, liuweialberic, micrazy, silvaco, snde92, tiaozhanzhe, xyguo_mac, yguoo