Cost Savings with Alluxio on Hybrid Cloud

Use the calculator below to explore how much Alluxio could potentially reduce your data infrastructure costs, including compute, storage and egress.

Compute Currency (vCores)
How many virtual cores do you have in the cloud and on-premise?
Aggregate Data Size – without redundancy
What is the total size of data stored across on-prem and cloud without redundancy?
% Data Accessed From Both Environments
What percentage of data do you need to access from both on-prem and the cloud?


 Reduction in cost compared to copying data

 Reduction in cost compared to directly accessing data

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We’ve shown you the basics of how Alluxio could reduce your infrastructure costs on hybrid cloud, but there’s a lot more we can do to reduce your maintenance cost and eliminate vendor lock-in. Fill out the form below to receive some best practices guides and have our solution team contact you to create a custom evaluation of your environment.

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Alluxio Community Edition, based on the open source project, is always free and comes with community forum support. For those looking for more, we offer Enterprise Edition Subscriptions, which include both software and SLA-based technical support.