AI/ML Infra Meetup – Highlights & Key Takeaways

Co-hosted by Alluxio and Uber on May 23, 2024, AI/ML Infra Meetup was the community event for developers focused on building AI, ML and data infrastructure at scale. We were thrilled by the overwhelming interest and enthusiasm in our meetup! This event brought together over 100 AI/ML infrastructure engineers and enthusiasts to discuss the latest … Continued

Trino and Alluxio, Better Together

This blog post delves into the history behind Trino introducing Alluxio as a replacement for RubiX as a file system cache. It explores the synergy between Trino and Alluxio, assesses which type of cache best suits various needs, and shares real-world examples of Trino and Alluxio adoption. Trino is an open-source distributed SQL query engine … Continued

IWD 2024: Empower Women Developers in the Open-Source Community

This article was originally published on ITBrief. The author is Hope Wang, Developer Advocate, Alluxio. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is important to reflect on the progress we have made toward gender equality in the tech industry, particularly in open-source software (OSS). While there is still much work to be done, I am … Continued

The Best Content of 2023 – Our Favorite Things

2023 is over, so we’ve compiled a collection of 2023’s most popular content according to our readers. In case you missed anything, here’s your chance to catch up on best practices ebooks, technical blogs, hands-on videos, webinars and more. Enjoy! ALL THINGS AI Building High-performance Data Access Layer for Model Training and Model Serving for … Continued

Beyond the Hype: 10 Core Principles for AI Success

This article was initially posted on datanami. The paradigm shift ushered in by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in today’s business and technological landscapes is nothing short of revolutionary. AI’s potential to transform traditional business models, optimize operations, and catalyze innovation is vast. But navigating its complexities can be daunting. Organizations must understand and adhere to some foundational … Continued

AI Infra Day Sessions Recap

Alluxio, the data platform company for all data-driven workloads, hosted the community event “AI Infra Day” on October 25, 2023. This virtual event brought together technology leaders working on AI infrastructure from Uber, Meta, and Intel, to delve into the intricate aspects of building scalable, performant, and cost-effective AI platforms. Bin Fan, Alluxio’s Chief Architect … Continued

The Data-Driven Heartbeat of Artificial Intelligence

This article was initially posted on Solutions Review. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has consistently been in the limelight as the precursor of the next technological era. Its limitless applications, ranging from simple chatbots to intricate neural networks capable of deep learning, promise a future where machines understand and replicate complex human processes. Yet, at the heart of … Continued

GPUs Are Fast, I/O is Your Bottleneck

This article was initially posted on ITOpsTimes. Unless you’ve been living off the grid, the hype around Generative AI has been impossible to ignore. A critical component fueling this AI revolution is the underlying computing power, GPUs. The lightning-fast GPUs enable speedy model training. But a hidden bottleneck can severely limit their potential – I/O. If … Continued

Speed Trino Queries with These Performance-Tuning Tips

Originally published at The New Stack: In this article, we will discuss how data engineers and data infrastructure engineers can make Trino, a widely used query engine that’s faster and more efficient. An open source distributed SQL query engine, Trino is widely used for data analytics on distributed data storage. Optimizing Trino to make it faster … Continued