China Unicom Uses Alluxio and Spark to Build New Computing Platform to Serve Mobile Users

Abstract China Unicom is one of the five largest telecom operators in the world. China Unicom’s booming business in 4G and 5G networks has to serve an exploding base of hundreds of millions of smartphone users. This unprecedented growth brought enormous challenges and new requirements to the data processing infrastructure. The previous generation of its … Continued

Accelerate Spark and Hive Jobs on AWS S3 by 10x with Alluxio Tiered Storage

In this article, Thai Bui from Bazaarvoice describes how Bazaarvoice leverages Alluxio to build a tiered storage architecture with AWS S3 to maximize performance and minimize operating costs on running Big Data analytics on AWS EC2. This blog is an abbreviated version of the full-length technical whitepaper (coming soon) which aims to provide the following takeaways: Common … Continued

Presto on Alluxio: How Netease Games leveraged Alluxio to boost ad hoc SQL on HDFS

Author: Shuang Li (Shuang is a big data engineer at Netease Games, developing and maintaining OLAP related solutions in the data warehouse. He works closely on Apache Kylin and Presto as well as HBase. Shuang graduated from South China University of Technology.) Background As one of the world’s leading online game company, Netease Games is … Continued

TalkingData Case Study: Leading Data Broker in China Leverages Alluxio to Unify Terabytes of Data Across Disparate Data Sources

This is a guest blog from our friends at TalkingData. Download or print the case study here TalkingData is China’s largest data broker, reaching more than 600 million smart devices on a monthly basis. TalkingData processes over 20 terabytes of data and more than one billion session requests every day. TalkingData products are powered by its massive … Continued

Myntra Case Study: Accelerating Analytics in the Cloud for Customized Mobile E-Commerce

Highlights: Improved customer responsiveness and increased revenue Interactive analytics/reporting and faster time to insight Download or print the case study here. Myntra, a division of Flipkart, is a leading Indian e-commerce fashion retailer offering customers a wide range of clothing and other merchandise through a mobile application. Mobile devices drive 95 percent of the traffic to … Continued

Tencent Case Study: Delivering Customized News to Over 100 Million Users per Month with Alluxio

This post is guest authored from our friends at Tencent: Can He Download or print the case study here Tencent is one of the largest technology companies in the world and a leader in multiple sectors such as social networking, gaming, e-commerce, mobile and web portal. Tencent News, one of Tencent’s many offerings, strives to create a … Continued

MOMO: Accelerating Ad Hoc Analysis with Spark SQL and Alluxio

This post is guest authored by our friends at MOMO: Haojun (Reid) Chan and Wenchun Xu Data Analysis Trends The hadoop ecosystem makes many distributed system/algorithms easier to use and generally lowers the cost of operations. However, enterprises and vendors are never satisfied with that, so higher performance becomes the next issue. We considered several options … Continued

Kyligence leverages Alluxio to accelerate OLAP in the cloud

Author: Shaofeng Shi (, Senior Architect, Kyligence Inc. OLAP (on-line analytical processing) technology has been widely adopted by enterprises since last century; Enterprises rely on OLAP to analyze their huge amount of data, generate reporting and so to help business people making decisions. Today in the era of big data, OLAP becomes more important and … Continued