Welcome to Alluxio.io!

Notice anything new about our websites? That’s right – we are super excited to launch our new website – Alluxio.io!

As we continue our focus on our open source community, one important item on our mind was to rebuild our website to provide better user experience for our community. To that end, you’ll see lots of changes in the Alluxio web experience.

To start, we’ve merged our two domains – alluxio.org and alluxio.com – into one: alluxio.io. We  made it easier to navigate content and find what you need, whether it’s docs, architecture diagrams, blogs, upcoming events, white papers, and more. One site also means we will spend less time on managing multiple properties and more time on improving the content and experience.Our new search functionality will help you locate content across our site too. And don’t worry, any bookmarked links will continue to work, you’ll just be automatically redirected to pages on our new site.

You may have also seen our new approach to describing Alluxio as Data Orchestration for the Cloud particularly for analytic and machine learning workloads. This idea of Data Orchestration is new, but we think it best describes what we do – Alluxio moves or orchestrates your data closer to analytical and machine learning compute frameworks in any cloud across clusters, regions, clouds, and countries, and it provides data access to files and objects. You’ll hear more about it from us over the coming weeks.

We also have a ton of new, cool things on the site. On our homepage, you’ll see we’ve made it super easy to get started with Alluxio in any stack – choose your compute, choose your storage, and see the code you need. We’ve also streamlined our downloads, making it much easier for you to download our Community Edition (tarball of our open source code) or try out our Sandbox or get install instructions for docker, brew or kubernetes.

Also, if you have any questions, need any help, would like to contribute, or provide any feedback, welcome to our community page! You can find our Slack Channel, Global Meetup Groups, Mailing List, Wechat Accounts, and many more!

With that, we hope you have fun exploring our new site! We’ve put together a list of FAQs below that might help with this transition. Please drop us a note if you have questions, feedback, thoughts. Enjoy alluxio.io, and welcome to our community, and looking forward to hearing from you!


Bin, Calvin, Gene, Haoyuan


How to provide the feedback?
We would love to hear your feedback! There are various channels, e.g. Slack, Mailing List, Wechat Group etc. If you would like to email us, here you go: community@alluxio.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

What are the changes to your documentation?
In short, we’ve opened up all of our documentation, so in addition to Alluxio Community Edition we have now made Alluxio Enterprise Edition documentation open to the public. Given our open source roots, we felt that making all of our documentation widely available will help educate our community on the differences between the two editions. By the way, you can see a quick comparison of Community Edition vs. Enterprise Edition if you’re interested in learning more.

Will my bookmarked alluxio.org and alluxio.com links still work?
Yes! We’ve made the transition seamless for our users. All .org or .com links will be automatically redirected to our new site, so you won’t have to create new bookmarks.

Why did you choose .io anyways?
We like .io for a few reasons. One, it’s in our name! So, it’s a natural fit. And it’s what we do – input/output is a part of the Alluxio technology. Plus, the .io domain is getting quite common among open source companies and projects focused on community especially in the data space like  Kubernetes, Keras, and Confluent just to name a few.

What will happen to alluxio.org and alluxio.com?
In terms of content on these pages, we’ve moved everything over to Alluxio.io – you won’t miss anything from those sites. All .org and .com pages will be redirected to pages on .io. We hope Alluxio.io will provide an even better experience for you in terms of findable content, downloads, documentation, blogs…and everything else.