Tutorial: Presto + Alluxio + Hive Metastore on Your Laptop in 10 min

This tutorial guides users to set up a stack of Presto, Alluxio and Hive Metastore on your local server, and it demonstrates how to use Alluxio as the caching layer for Presto queries. In this stack, Presto is the SQL Engine to plan and execute queries, Alluxio is the data orchestration layer to cache hot tables for Presto, and Hive Metastore is the catalog service for Presto to read Table schema and location information.

Step1: Download and Launch Alluxio

Go to Alluxio download page, select the latest version (e.g., 2.2.2), download and unpack the tarball.

$ tar -xzf alluxio-2.2.2-bin.tar.gz
$ cd alluxio-2.2.2

Start a new deployment with a local Alluxio master and local worker using all default setting:

$ bin/alluxio-start.sh local -f

Mount an S3 bucket which has example input data for this tutorial to the Alluxio file system. Note that this S3 bucket is a public bucket accessible to all AWS users.

$ bin/alluxio fs mount --readonly /example \

So far, we have mounted an S3 bucket with prepared data into Alluxio so we can expose it to Hive Metastore as well as Presto as “local” data.

Step2: Start Hive Metastore

Hive Metastore is commonly used with Presto to serve catalog information such as table schema and partition location. If it is the first time for you to launch Hive Metastore, initialize a new Metastore

$ ${HIVE_HOME}/bin/schematool -dbType derby -initSchema

Edit ${HIVE_HOME}/conf/hive-env.sh to include Alluxio client jar on the Hive classpath, so Hive Metastore can access files stored on Alluxio.

export HIVE_AUX_JARS_PATH=/path/to/alluxio/client/alluxio-2.2.2-client.jar

Start a Hive Metastore which will run in the background and listen on port 9083 (by default).

$ ${HIVE_HOME}/hcatalog/sbin/hcat_server.sh start

One can check the Hive Metastore logs at ${HIVE_HOME}/hcatalog/var/log/

Step3: Download and Launch Presto Server

Goto Presto server installation, download the pre-build server tarball and untar it:

$ tar -zxf presto-server-0.237.tar.gz

Go to directory plugin/hive-hadoop2 to check if there is an Alluxio client jar with a version matching your Alluxio installation. If this is not the case, put the Alluxio client jar under /path/to/alluxio/client/alluxio-2.2.2-client.jar to this directory and remove the outdated Alluxio client if existing.

Edit etc/config.properties file to include


Also, edit etc/catalog/hive.properties to point to the Hive Metastore service we just started.


Run the Presto server:

$ ./bin/launcher run

Step4: Launch a Presto CLI and Run Queries

Start a Prest CLI connecting to the server started in the previous step.

$ ./presto --server localhost:8080  --catalog hive --debug
presto> use default;

Create a new table based on the file mounted in Alluxio:

presto:default> DROP TABLE IF EXISTS reason;
presto:default> CREATE TABLE reason (
  r_reason_sk integer, 
  r_reason_id varchar, 
  r_reason_desc varchar 
) WITH ( 
  external_location = 'alluxio://localhost:19998/example', 
  format = 'PARQUET'

Scan the newly created table:

presto:default> SELECT * FROM reason;
 r_reason_sk |   r_reason_id    |                r_reason_desc                
           1 | AAAAAAAABAAAAAAA | Package was damaged                         
           4 | AAAAAAAAEAAAAAAA | Not the product that was ordred             
           5 | AAAAAAAAFAAAAAAA | Parts missing                               
           6 | AAAAAAAAGAAAAAAA | Does not work with a product that I have    
           7 | AAAAAAAAHAAAAAAA | Gift exchange                               
          16 | AAAAAAAAABAAAAAA | Did not fit                                 
          17 | AAAAAAAABBAAAAAA | Wrong size                                  
          18 | AAAAAAAACBAAAAAA | Lost my job                                 
          19 | AAAAAAAADBAAAAAA | unauthoized purchase                        
          20 | AAAAAAAAEBAAAAAA | duplicate purchase                          
          21 | AAAAAAAAFBAAAAAA | its is a boy                                
          22 | AAAAAAAAGBAAAAAA | it is a girl                                
          23 | AAAAAAAAHBAAAAAA | reason 23                                   
          24 | AAAAAAAAIBAAAAAA | reason 24                                   
          25 | AAAAAAAAJBAAAAAA | reason 25                                   
          26 | AAAAAAAAKBAAAAAA | reason 26                                   
          27 | AAAAAAAALBAAAAAA | reason 27                                   
          28 | AAAAAAAAMBAAAAAA | reason 28                                   
          29 | AAAAAAAANBAAAAAA | reason 29                                   
          30 | AAAAAAAAOBAAAAAA | reason 31                                   
          31 | AAAAAAAAPBAAAAAA | reason 31                                   
          32 | AAAAAAAAACAAAAAA | reason 32                                   
          33 | AAAAAAAABCAAAAAA | reason 33                                   
          34 | AAAAAAAACCAAAAAA | reason 34                                   
          35 | AAAAAAAADCAAAAAA | reason 35                                   
           2 | AAAAAAAACAAAAAAA | Stopped working                             
           3 | AAAAAAAADAAAAAAA | Did not get it on time                      
           8 | AAAAAAAAIAAAAAAA | Did not like the color                      
           9 | AAAAAAAAJAAAAAAA | Did not like the model                      
          10 | AAAAAAAAKAAAAAAA | Did not like the make                       
          11 | AAAAAAAALAAAAAAA | Did not like the warranty                   
          12 | AAAAAAAAMAAAAAAA | No service location in my area              
          13 | AAAAAAAANAAAAAAA | Found a better price in a store             
          14 | AAAAAAAAOAAAAAAA | Found a better extended warranty in a store 
          15 | AAAAAAAAPAAAAAAA | Not working any more                        
(35 rows)
Query 20191012_010912_00006_9jx7r, FINISHED, 1 node
Splits: 17 total, 17 done (100.00%)
CPU Time: 0.4s total,    83 rows/s, 2.35KB/s, 62% active
Per Node: 0.4 parallelism,    37 rows/s, 1.04KB/s
Parallelism: 0.4
Peak Memory: 0B

0:01 [35 rows, 1002B] [37 rows/s, 1.04KB/s]


In this tutorial, we demonstrated how to run setup Presto, Hive Metastore and Alluxio to run SQL queries. Feel free to ask questions at our Alluxio community slack channel.