Recap: Spark+AI Summit 2019

Alluxio is a proud sponsor and exhibitor of Spark+AI Summit in San Francisco. If you missed the conference, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Come chat with our founder and CTO, HY, at the next event!

What’s Spark+AI Summit? It’s the world’s largest conference that is focused on Apache Spark – Alluxio’s older cousin open source project from the same lab (UC Berkeley’s AMPLab – now RISElab).

Overview of the Conference by the Numbers

  • Spark+AI Summit originally Spark Summit started off in 2013 with around 200 attendees. This is their 6th year, and from our observation there were over 3000 attendees!
  • Of the 3000+ attendees, we had over 1500+ interactions and more than 500 in-depth conversations with folks already using or interested in learning about Alluxio
  • 100 lucky attendees won our drones!

What We Learned

  • Adopting a cloud strategy is a top priority for most organizations at the event
  • Many organizations are experiencing challenges with hybrid cloud, because they are not able to access data in the public cloud and their own data warehouse efficiently
  • Machine learning is on the rise, but SQL queries over big data is still the bread and butter of most organizations
  • Kubernetes is changing the landscape of big data analytics. In the next 3-6 months, we will see a wave of organizations move to deploying big data workloads with container orchestration systems
  • Attendees love to win drones 😉 Find us at the next event: Strata Data Conference in New York
Lucky winner!

Reasons to try the Apache Spark, Alluxio, and S3 Stack

  • This stack is cloud-native
  • Apache Spark and Alluxio are open source
  • S3 is cost-effective and scalable driving down devops costs with high performance

Learn more: 10X Acceleration of Spark with Alluxio Case Study | Get started with Spark and Alluxio in 5min | Download Alluxio

All of the sessions are recorded and will be viewable here.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the Alluxio booth and the great conversations!

Come meet us at the next event!

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