Hopping into the Year of Rabbit with Alluxio Community

As we close out the Year of Tiger and welcome the Year of Rabbit, we are filled with gratitude for the support and contributions of the members of Alluxio Open Source Community. Thanks to your dedication and trust, the Alluxio Open Source project and community has continued to thrive and grow in ways we never thought possible. From new feature releases to community events, it has been an exciting and productive year for all of us. We are incredibly grateful for all of the time, energy, curiosity, creativity, and expertise that each and every one of you has put into making our community and our open source project a success. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

2022 by the numbers

Let’s take a look at the Alluxio project growth by the numbers:

2022 by the timeline

Outstanding performance improvement with remarkable contributors

A collaboration between Uber’s Presto team and the Alluxio open source team started in 2021 aimed to reduce HDFS latency. Earlier 2022, Alluxio Local Cache was launched in production. Having a cache filter has greatly increased cache hit rate from ~65% to >90%. Check out the details of this work on Uber’s Engineering Blog

After learning about how Alluxio system cache is used at Shopee and Uber, our community users at Tencent adopted the same optimization algorithm and saw 60% performance improvement. Check out the Pull Request that made it happen. 

In Open Source, We Trust! – Cross-community partners

2022 was a year of fruitful collaboration with other open source projects and communities. We started working with the Kubernetes community and proposed a new approach that brings data locality to I/O-intensive training workloads in Kubernetes environments. This discussion is showcased at KubeCon AI day. Further research collaboration is underway with more to come! 

In December, our friends from the Trino community invited Bin Fan and Beinan Wang to speak on an episode of the Trino Community Broadcast! In this episode, they discuss Alluxio’s use cases, architecture and how it fits with the Trino architecture: 43: Trino saves trips with Alluxio. In 2023, members of the Alluxio open source community can expect to see more of the Trino-Alluxio collaboration!

Expanding global community footprint

With the world opening up for traveling again in 2022, the Alluxio open source community took the opportunity to expand its global footprint outside the US and China. The team traveled to Singapore and Israel for the first in-person Alluxio Day meetup in these regions, where we met with many members of the community and discussed the potential for collaboration and the latest developments. We also had the opportunity to speak at the Open Source Summit Japan and Taiwan DataCon. 

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the global community for hosting us at these international events. The opportunity to connect with members of the community in person and discuss the latest developments with the software was invaluable. Your support and contributions to the Alluxio community are greatly appreciated. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with new members of the community in different countries, and we look forward to continuing to work together to further strengthen the Alluxio open source project and solidify its place as a leading open source software in the big data ecosystem.

Marching onto 2023

The community team at Alluxio is looking forward to an exciting and productive 2023. We are proud of the progress we have made last year in growing our community and fostering engagement among our developers and users. We will continue to work hard to build a strong, inclusive, and collaborative community that encourages participation and contributions from all members. In 2023, we will continue to build on our successes and look for new opportunities to expand and strengthen the Alluxio community. We are excited to see what the year of the rabbit  will bring and look forward to working with our community members to make Alluxio an even more valuable tool for data orchestration.