Data Orchestration Summit Recap and Highlights!

Data Orchestration Summit Keynote – Haoyuan Li

We are delighted by the success of the inaugural Data Orchestration Summit on Nov. 7, 2019! Organized by Alluxio, this one-day event was sold out with nearly 400 attendees! Data engineers, cloud engineers, data scientists joined the talks of 24 industry leaders from all over the globe to share their experiences building cloud-native data and AI platforms. All session recordings and slides are now available.

Key Announcements

Haoyuan Li, founder and CTO of Alluxio, opened the summit with his talk – Orchestrate a Data Symphony, where he discusses the key challenges and trends impacting data engineering in relation to building modern data and AI platforms, and explore the concept of Data Orchestration.

In the Alluxio tech talks, founding engineers Calvin Jia, Bin Fan, and Gene Pang dive into Alluxio 2 Series’ key features in open source, community updates, and the latest innovations bringing Alluxio open source into the world of structured data.

Session highlights

The featured talks for the Summit highlighted how leading companies architect their data and AI platforms through the data orchestration approach, leveraging open source technologies such as Alluxio, Apache Spark, Presto, and more. Some session highlights include:

What’s next?

  • Join the conversations on the community slack channel!
  • Given the strong interest, we’re bringing back the hands-on lab, so stay tuned!
Fun times at the 2019 Data Orchestration Summit!


Amelia and Bin

Data Orchestration Summit Co-Chairs