Does Alluxio handle query push down – predicate?

The idea of predicate pushdown allows for certain parts of SQL queries (the predicates) to be “pushed” down to where the data lives. This optimization can reduce query processing time by filtering data that much earlier. Depending on compute framework, predicate pushdown can also optimize your query by filtering data before it is transferred over … Continued

Is Alluxio able to create a data grid for Kubernetes?

Alluxio is available via Docker. You can create a cluster of Alluxio within a Kubernetes cluster. Given that we do have these containers, you can either use a daemon set or a replica set within a Kubernetes cluster to create an alluxio cluster itself and have it co-located within your other nodes that may be … Continued

How do you modify location metadata in Hive?

Problem If you have hundreds of external tables defined in Hive, what is the easist way to change those references to point to new locations? That is a fairly normal challenge for those that want to integrate Alluxio into their stack. A typical setup that we will see is that users will have Spark-SQL or … Continued