Community Event | Alluxio Day VI with Facebook, Uber & creator of Hudi
Oct 12 – 9:00 AM PDT | Virtual
Join fellow Alluxio community users to learn how they are solving complex data access challenges. Speaker lineup includes the original creator of Apache Hudi, Facebook, Uber, Zendesk, and Princeton University. Register now here.

Innovator Conference | Intel Innovation 2021
Oct 27-28 | Virtual
Join us at Intel Innovation, the latest digital educational conference for developers and industry insiders. You’ll hear from the experts who deliver advanced AI, 5G, edge, cloud, and client technologies with speed and real-world scale, including how Alluxio optimizes analytics and AI solutions on next-gen hardware. Secure your spot at Intel Innovation.


Tech Talk |  Speeding up TensorFlow and PyTorch with Alluxio
Learn how Alluxio’s improved POSIX interface streamlines Machine Learning, such as Tensorflow & PyTorch. With version 2.6, we introduced a new JNI-based FUSE implementation to support POSIX data access, as well as many improvements in relevant data operations.

ApacheCon | Alluxio Data Orchestration for Machine Learning
Learn how Alluxio helps to speed up Machine Learning for TensorFlow and Pytorch applications from the core maintainers of Alluxio Open Source project. See how companies like Microsoft, Alibaba, and MOMO use Alluxio in production to solve their training challenges.

Modernizing Your Data Platform for Analytics and AI in the Hybrid Cloud Era | On-Demand
Listen in to Erik Kavanagh of Bloor Group in his recent podcast interview with Bin Fan, Alluxio’s VP of Open Source, on “The Rise of Data Orchestration in the Modern Data Era.” 


#Hudi | Building a High-Performance Data Lake Using Apache Hudi and Alluxio at T3Go

#AWS-S3 | Accelerating Write-Intensive Data Workloads on AWS S3

#Kubernetes | Overcoming Challenges Running the Disaggregated Analytics Stack in K8s

Open Source Contributor Spotlight 

Bing Zheng is software engineer at Tencent Container Platform team, mainly responsible for big data and distributed storage R&D. Bing started contributing to the Alluxio Open Source project since April 2021, and has contributed 7 PR to help improve the stability and usability of Alluxio especially with high availability. Check out this great user story (in Chinese) from Bing Zheng, Baolong Mao, and Zhizhen Pan at Tencent on running a 1000-node Alluxio cluster to speed up Ceph storage for Game AI training! (English article coming soon)