ETL: Eat, Talk, Laugh | Happy Hour @ San Mateo, CA | Tuesday, April 16, 5 pm PT

Join us for a lively night of happy hour with free drinks 👀 sprinkled in with a series of lightning talks 🧑‍💻 on Tuesday April 16 in Downtown San Mateo, hosted by Alluxio & Tobiko Data 🍻💃. ​Doors open at 5pm! Learn how to optimize your data stack for efficient and reliable data pipelines 🚀. 

Multi-Cloud Webinar Series | Cloud-Native Model Training on Distributed Data | Tuesday, Apr 23, 11:00am PT

Accessing data can be challenging when your datasets are distributed across different regions and clouds.

Join us for the third webinar of the multi-cloud webinar series with Shawn Sun, Tech Lead of Cloud Native, and ChanChan Mao, Developer Advocate at Alluxio, to explore how to address the challenges of losing data locality in the multi-cloud scenarios.

Beyond NVIDIA GTC: Maximizing GPU Utilization

GPU acceleration and massive parallelism were well highlighted at the recent GTC2024 conference. While the latest advancements are exciting, how to transfer those advancements into tangible results for your own AI/ML workload has become the real challenge. This section delves into current GPU utilization trends, providing practical strategies for maximizing the performance of your AI/ML applications.

Nvidia Blog | Accelerating Analytics and AI with Alluxio and NVIDIA GPUs

With the increasing data size, efficient data access becomes even more critical to unlock the true power of GPUs. Check out how Alluxio partners with NVIDIA to provide unified I/O acceleration for ingest, ETL, analytics, and model training, allowing 2x improvement in performance and 70% better return on investment.

Latest Blog | Maximize GPU Utilization for Model Training

The vast speed difference between GPUs and the storage that feeds them creates a major bottleneck, preventing organizations from unlocking the full potential of their GPUs. This blog walks you through the reasons why maximizing GPU utilization is crucial, while providing you a tailored solution for your end-to-end machine learning pipeline to achieve better performance and higher ROI.

ITOpsTimes Blog | GPUs are Fast, I/O is your Bottleneck

While the GPUs are fast, there are many hidden challenges of I/O bottlenecks that limit model training. Learn how to optimize and resolve those bottlenecks to get more out of expensive GPUs, maximizing GPU utilization, as well as investment value for your AI Projects.

Case Study Blog | Alipay: Optimizing Alluxio for Efficient Large-Scale Training on Billions of Files

Fintech giant, AliPay, uses Alluxio to accelerate large-scale computer vision model training on billions of files, significantly improving their AI platform performances.

With over 1.3 billion users, Alipay relies on machine learning to power essential features. To tackle the challenges of #GPU training Alipay adopted Alluxio to scale model training to meet growing demands with:

🚀Faster model training cycles

💰Lower infrastructure costs

🙋More efficient data engineering teams

White Paper | Efficient Data Access Strategies For Large-scale AI

Check the latest insights about modern AI architecture to have a better understanding of the challenges of feeding data-hungry GPUs in the cloud. Learn how to level up your AI platform with scalability, mobility and faster data access, by bringing data closer to compute resources.

White Paper | Choosing the Right Architecture for Enterprise AI Workloads in Production

This technical whitepaper demonstrates critical architectural considerations for optimizing data access in enterprise AI infrastructure. You will learn:

🐢 Common data access challenges that slow down your GPUs

🔍 Why NFS/NAS may not be your best choice

💯 Reference architecture on AWS and benchmarks test results

Product Demo | Solving the Data Loading Challenge for Machine Learning with Alluxio

Watch this product demo with Alluxio’s Senior Solutions Engineer, Roland Theron, to learn how Alluxio can help benefit model training workflows by reducing data loading times, allowing for better utilization of your expensive compute resources, such as lightning fast GPUs.

Call for Meetups & Speakers

We want to hear and learn from YOU at our next meetup!

Partner with Alluxio to host a meetup together or come speak at one of them! We are interested in developer-focused technical talks where you can share lessons learned building big data and AI infrastructure at scale. Let’s get you involved with our global community of data and AI practitioners building AI & analytics infrastructure at scale.

Fill out our Call for Speakers form to share your journey and experience of using Alluxio in production, share your area of expertise in AI/ML or big data platforms and infra, or share the next big technology that you’re developing in the AI/ML or data ecosystem with our global Alluxio community.

Got a venue, but no speaker? Or got a speaker & venue, but need help with food and drinks? Fill out our Host a Meetup form to let us know what you can bring, and we’ll fill in the blanks! Alluxio is based in the heart of the Bay Area and open to hosting in-person and hybrid meetups anywhere in the peninsula, from San Francisco to San Jose. All of our community events are free and open to the public!

Past events on-demand

Big Data Bellevue | Enhancing Python Data Loading in the Cloud for AI/ML

Bin Fan, VP of Open Source at Alluxio, recently presented at Big Data Bellevue Meetup on “Enhancing Python Data Loading in the Cloud for AI/ML.” Learn about optimizing data loading for distributed Python applications within AI/ML workloads in the cloud, focusing on popular frameworks like Ray and Hugging Face.

Alluxio Monthly Webinar | Architecting Data Platform Across Regions and Clouds for Analytics and AI – Challenges, Solutions and Live Demo

In the second part of the multi-cloud webinar series, Alluxio’s lead solutions engineer, Greg Palmer, walks through how to add Alluxio as a layer between compute and storage, enabling you to embrace hybrid or multi-cloud architecture for large-scale analytics and AI workloads.

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Efficient Data Access Strategies For Large-scale AI – Architecture and Considerations in Machine Learning Pipeline

Rise of the Data Access Layer for Analytics & AI

Choosing the Right Architecture for Enterprise AI Workloads in Production


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