Get the Ultimate Guide to Saving Data Egress Costs in the Cloud

Did you know major cloud service providers encourage you to put data in the cloud and charge you to get it out? Discover everything you need to know about data egress costs and how to save them by up to 80%.

Alluxio Named to Forbes List of America’s Best Startup Employers of 2023

We are thrilled to share that Forbes has named us one of America’s Best Startup Employers 2023!

🏆 Out of 2,600 companies, we’re in the top 150! This was based on the criteria: employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth. Thanks to our amazing team for cultivating a workplace culture that supports growth and success.


Fun Read | Announcing Our First AI 🤖 PMC Member: CacheGPT

We are thrilled to announce that CacheGPT, a state-of-the-art natural language generation model, has joined the Alluxio Project Management Committee (PMC) on 4/1 as our newest member!

Shopee Case Study 2-pager | “Data Access as a Service”: Using Alluxio to Accelerate Interactive Queries and Enhance Developer Experience with Flexible APIs

Learn how Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Asia, has successfully leveraged Alluxio to improve Trino query performance by ~55%. In addition, Alluxio enhances developer experience by providing flexible data access through Data APIs.

Ant Group Case Study | Optimizing Alluxio for Efficient Large-Scale Training on Billions of Files

Chuanying Chen, Senior Software Engineer at Ant Group, provides a deep dive into the practices of optimizing Alluxio for reliable, scalable, and high-performance large-scale training on billions of files.

Short Video Series | Alluxio Quick Start Guide

We recently released a short video series on Alluxio’s Quick Start Guide! Watch these 2 quick videos to learn about how to host Alluxio on your local machine and learn more about Alluxio Master & Worker Web UI details.

Past events on-demand

Mar Product School On-demand Webinar | Boosting Trino Performance

In March’s product school webinar, Beinan Wang, tech lead at Alluxio, introduced Trino tuning tips, best practices for accelerating SQL queries, as well as how to integrate Trino with Alluxio as a caching layer for stable performance and low latency.

Miss the event? Want to learn more about the differences between Alluxio’s intelligent caching functionality and Trino/Presto’s embedded cache? We have the On-Demand video ready for you:

Scale 20x | R&D advancement happening at Alluxio

Our team of evangelists and engineers ChanChan Mao, David Zhu and Beinan Wang recently headed to one of the largest developer conferences in Los Angeles, evangelizing and educating the larger community with the R&D advancement that’s happening at Alluxio. Check out their talks!

  • ChanChan Mao & David Zhu – Moving from Zookeeper to Raft:
  • Beinan Wang – Accelerate Distributed SQL Workloads for Big Data in the Cloud

Upcoming Events

April Open Office Hours | Apr 6, 11:00 am PT

Shouwei Chen, Alluxio’s open-source project core maintainer & PM, will host our April’s Open Office Hours. Are you looking to speed up your queries? Are you stuck in your cloud migration journey? Have challenges onboarding new applications? Join our Apr office hour where Alluxio open-source project core maintainer Shouwei will answer all of your questions!

Kubernetes BATCH + HPC Day Europe | April 18, 16:20-16:25 CEST

In this lightning talk, Shouwei will provide a brief overview of different approaches to emulate or introduce data locality in Kubernetes based on his experience working with open-source projects.

PyData Seattle Community Partnership | April 26-28 @ Microsoft HQ

Alluxio is proud to be a community partner for the PyData Seattle conference, presented by NumFOCUS and taking place April 26-28 at Microsoft HQ! 

PyData is an international conference series featuring the foremost researchers and practitioners in the data science community. As a community partner, we are thrilled to offer 10% off to those interested in going!

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