Zhihu Case Study Blog | Building High-performance Data Access Layer for Model Training and Model Serving for LLM

Mengyu Hu and Chengkun Jia, both from Zhihu’s data platform team, discuss their evolution from HDFS to Alluxio as a high-performance data access layer for LLM training and serving. Alluxio has accelerated model training by 2~3x, increased GPU utilization to 90%, and enabled model deployment every minute instead of hours or days.

Alluxio Enterprise Release | 2.10 is here!

We are thrilled to announce the release of Alluxio Enterprise 2.10! We have made significant progress in improving high availability and reducing resource consumption. You can now scale Alluxio with improved speed at lower cost. 

Great Things with Great Tech Podcast | Fast and Efficient Hybrid Data Access with Alluxio

Listen to this latest podcast to learn about how the field of analytics and AI has been changing, the key challenges of and different approaches to addressing the needs of the data platform. 

TDWI article | Executive Q&A on Controlling Cloud Egress Costs

As enterprises move to the cloud, many are getting sticker shock from out of control cloud costs. This Q&A covers several best practices that can help reduce egress costs as businesses scale their cloud usage and continue to evolve their data platform architecture. 

Mini Video Series

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Getting Started with Alluxio on Kubernetes

Getting Started with Alluxio on Kubernetes is complete! Learn about the architecture, deployment and best practices of Alluxio on Kubernetes with Shawn Sun, Software Engineer at Alluxio.

Expedia Group’s User Journey with Alluxio

We have the latest mini video series coming out! Explore Expedia Group’s data landscape, see why data replication was not the right solution, and learn how Expedia Group reduced egress costs by unifying cross-region access in the cloud.

Part I | Explore Expedia Group’s Data Landscape

Past events on-demand

On-demand Webinar |  Maximize GPU Utilization for Model Training

When training models on ultra-large datasets, one of the biggest challenges is low GPU utilization. These powerful processors are often underutilized due to inefficient I/O and data access. This mismatch between computation and storage leads to wasted GPU resources, low performance, and high cloud storage costs. The rise of generative AI and GPU scarcity is only making this problem worse.

In this webinar, Tarik and Beinan discuss strategies for transforming idle GPUs into optimal powerhouses. They will focus on cost-effective management of ultra-large datasets for AI and analytics.

June was a month packed full of talks! Take a look at what our team has been up to:

Upcoming Events

[New Weekly Event] | Alluxio PR Power

We have a new WEEKLY event called Alluxio PR Power Hour! Get live feedback on your Github PRs/Issues or join to learn about what others are working on. Every Thursday 8pm PDT // Friday 11am CST. You can find more details and past meeting notes here.

TDWI Webinar | Laying the Groundwork for AI: Addressing Infrastructure Hurdles for Optimal Model Training | July 25 9:00am PT

By David Loshin | President of Knowledge Integrity

In today’s competitive landscape, companies are eager to harness the power of AI for competitive advantage. However, efforts to effectively access and utilize GPUs often lead to extensive data engineering managing data copies or specialized storage leading to out of control cloud and infra costs. Join us for this TDWI webinar to learn more about the infrastructure hurdles associated with AI/ML model training and deployment and how to overcome these challenges. Topics include:

  • The challenges of AI and model training
  • GPU utilization in machine learning and the need for specialized hardware
  • Managing data access and maintaining a source of truth in data lakes
  • Best practices for optimizing ML training

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