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2022 by the numbers

Let’s take a look at the Alluxio project growth by the numbers:

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As we close out the Year of Tiger and welcome the Year of Rabbit, we are filled with gratitude for the support and contributions of the members of Alluxio Open Source Community. Read all about Alluxio’s accomplishments and growth throughout 2022 and what to expect out of 2023.

February Office Hours | Feb 16, 11:00am PST

Alluxio’s founding engineer and VP of Open source, Bin Fan, will be hosting our first office hours of 2023. Are you looking to speed up your queries? Are you stuck in your cloud migration journey? Have challenges onboarding new applications? Bin will answer all of your questions! Stay till the end to participate in the monthly raffle for a chance to win some prizes!


Tutorial | Get Started with Trino and Alluxio in 5 Minutes

This blog post discusses the synergy between Trino and Alluxio, and how to deploy Alluxio as the caching layer for Trino. You will learn

  • Why should you choose Alluxio as a cache for Trino
  • How do Trino and Alluxio work together
  • How to configure Alluxio to point to S3 storage like MinIO
  • How to query Alluxio with query write-through from Trino

Comcast Case Study | Maximizing Efficiency and Reducing S3 Egress Cost with Hybrid Cloud Data Access

Comcast has implemented Alluxio to address the data access challenges of hybrid cloud. Alluxio provides faster data access and streamlined data management with reduced S3 egress cost, resulting in more efficient and effective data value creation for the organization.

Silicon Angle | Moving to the Supercloud Means Rethinking Data Management

The concept of Supercloud – a blended computing architecture utilizing resources from various public and private cloud platforms – has gained popularity in recent years. However, moving to the supercloud requires rethinking your data management.

Tutorial | Integrate Alluxio With Your Existing Data Stack Without Redefining Hive Tables

Learn how to integrate Alluxio with your existing data stack without redefining Hive tables. This article provides a tutorial on employing the Alluxio Transparent URI capability with Trino, Hive Metastore and Spark, and with MinIO as the S3-compatible object store.

Introduction to Alluxio: The problem to be Solved

New to Alluxio? Curious about how it all started? Check out this short 3 minute video where Community Evangelist ChanChan Mao introduces the existing data problems that Alluxio was created to address.

VMblog | What’s Next for Data Analytics, AI, and Cloud in 2023?

Bin Fan, our VP or Open Source, reveals the top 5 trends of Data Analytics, AI, and Cloud in 2023.

Upcoming Events

Seattle Spark + AI Meetup | Building Data Orchestration for Big Data Analytics in the Cloud | Jan 31, 6:00 pm PST

Alluxio is headed to Seattle again for Spark+AI’s first meetup of the year on Tues Jan 31! Come for great technical content, discussions, and food with Jasmine Wang (Head of Community & DevRel) & Shouwei Chen (Open Source PM & Core Maintainer)!

February Product School Webinar | Feb 23, 10:00 am PST

In February’s product school, Greg Palmer, Lead Solution Engineer at Alluxio, will run a demo featuring Transparent URI, a key feature in Alluxio Enterprise Edition which provides ease of integration of Alluxio with your existing data stack without any changes to the location metadata of the Hive Metastore. Join us to learn the configurations and other advanced settings for employing Transparent URI to simplify DevOps of Alluxio implementation, allowing users to access their existing storage systems without changing URIs at application level. 

Past events on-demand

Trino Community Broadcast | Trino Saves Trips with Alluxio

Thank you Trino Community for inviting Bin Fan (VP of Open Source & Founding Engineer) & Beinan Wang (Sr. Software Engineer & PrestoDB Committer) to speak on an episode of the Trino Community Broadcast! In this episode, they discuss Alluxio’s use cases, architecture and how it fits with the Trino architecture.

Open Source Summit Japan | On Data Locality in Kubernetes

Shouwei Chen and Chen Wang (Research at IBM Research) share how to achieve higher efficiency in the near future for data-intensive workloads with Kubernetes at Open Source Summit Japan this past December.

Open Source Summit Japan | Building a Community Growth Flywheel

Jasmine Wang presented on building a community growth flywheel at Open Source Summit Japan. She shared stories of engaging the Alluxio community over the past 6 years and building an everlasting & vibrant open source community.

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