Electronic Arts Use Cases | How to Develop and Operate Cloud-Native Data Platforms and Applications
Feb 11 • Global Online Meetup

In this online meetup, Electronic Arts Architect Du Li will dive into how they rearchitected their data platform for the cloud and how they maintain it. In the first project, they rearchitected their monitoring system and reduced the daily average alerts from 1000 to 20. In the second project, they redesigned the data platform by replacing HDFS with Alluxio for data orchestration and scaling.

Migrating data analytics workloads to Amazon EMR? Here’s what you need to know
Feb 12 • Community Online Office Hour

Many organizations want to use EMR to run big data workloads on public cloud. However, due to the mismatch between EMR and object stores (i.e. S3), the read and write performance is often slow and inconsistent. To learn more, join the upcoming online office hour on Running Presto with Alluxio on Amazon EMR or watch the on-demand video of how digital marketing company Ryte leveraged Presto and Alluxio for fast analytics in the cloud

Read the latest AWS blog Accelerate Amazon EMR Spark, Presto, and Hive with the Alluxio AMI for an overview of how Alluxio accelerates Amazon EMR workloads as the caching layer for EMR, including a step by step tutorial. Here is a 5min version on getting started with AWS EMR and Alluxio AMI.


Testing Distributed System at Scale for the Cost of a Large Pizza on AWS
Feb 12 • Community Online Office Hour

Join the online office hour to learn about how the Alluxio engineering team handles testing large scale systems efficiently!

Join us at the inaugural PrestoCon
Mar 24 • Marriott SFO – San Mateo, CA

Learn from industry-leading companies use cases and best practices using Presto to power analytics platforms, on-premises or in the cloud.


TechRepublic | Cloud computing in 2020: More hybrid customers and massive growth in China

insideBigData | Alluxio named in IMPACT 50 LIST for Q1 2020


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