Expedia Case Study | Unifying Cross-region Access in the Cloud at Expedia Group

Jian Li, Senior Software Engineer at Expedia, shares their cross-region data lake federation practice. Read about how Alluxio helped them achieve a modern, scalable data platform with a 50% reduction in S3 egress costs. 

Fortune 50 Case Study | Standardizing and modernizing data platform to achieve hybrid and multi-cloud with Alluxio

A Fortune 50 technology company that serves over 1 billion users successfully implemented Alluxio to achieve a hybrid cloud strategy, become multi-cloud ready, cut costs, and boost agility.

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Alluxio Day XV | Community Virtual Event feat. OceanBase, Twitter, StarTree, and Alluxio!

Alluxio Day XV features open source contributors and users from OceanBase, Twitter, StarTree, and Alluxio core maintainers. Learn how Twitter’s data platform leverages a machine learning-based approach in Presto and BigQuery to estimate query utilization with 90%+ accuracy; real-Time Analytics: Going Beyond Stream Processing with Apache Pinot at StarTree; and Accelerating Cloud Training with Alluxio. If you can’t make the live event, sign up for the on-demand replay!

PrestoCon Day 2022 featuring Alluxio | Talk Session Replays

Missed the Event? Watch the replays of PrestoCon Day 2022 featuring Alluxio:

DLM Talk | Alluxio as an Open Source Project

Bin Fan provides an overview of the Alluxio Open Source project and shares observations to help identify ways to use the platform to meet the needs of your data environment and workloads, explaining how Alluxio simplifies adoption of the data lake and data mesh paradigm for analytics and AI/ML.

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