Alluxio announces the closing of the first half of the year with 650% revenue growth. Read the latest press release here!  


Accelerate Analytics and ML in the Hybrid Cloud Era
Sep 22 | Alluxio Tech Talk

Do you have data on-premises and wish to leverage the public cloud to burst compute? Join this overview tech talk and learn more about how Alluxio’s Data Orchestration for the hybrid cloud era solves both performance and data management challenges. 

Hybrid Data Lake Architecture with Presto & Spark in the cloud accessing on-prem storage
Sep 29 | Alluxio Community Office Hour

A hybrid data lake approach enables organizations to get the best of both worlds (on-premises and the cloud) as a means to reducing infrastructure costs. In this talk, join Alluxio’s Product Manager Adit Madan and learn about an architecture for running elastic compute clusters in the cloud using on-prem HDFS.

Optimizing Latency-Sensitive Queries for Presto at Facebook: A Collaboration Between Presto & Alluxio
Sep 13 | IDEAS Online Webinar

For many latency-sensitive SQL workloads, Presto is often bound by retrieving distant data. This talk will introduce the collaboration between Alluxio and Facebook on adding a local on-SSD Alluxio cache inside Presto workers to improve unsatisfied Presto latency.

Alluxio PMC Spotlight

Congratulations to Yang Che, our newly promoted Alluxio PMC member! Yang Che is a Staff Engineer at Alibaba Cloud. Yang works on Kubernetes and builds elastic AI platforms with cloud-native technology. He is also the main author and core maintainer of the open source GPU share, which is used by Alibaba and TAL AI Lab in production. He is an active contributor to communities like K8s, docker, and Kubeflow. Yang has made significant contributions to Alluxio including the helm chart for Alluxio 2.1, which has become popular for Alluxio on Kubernetes use cases. He continues to share his knowledge in various events and conferences globally representing the Alluxio community. His blogs and tutorials from his learnings were featured in publications both in English and Chinese. Welcome Yang as a PMC member!  

Recap of August

On Demand | Reducing Large S3 API Costs using Alluxio at Datasapiens

Baolong Mao from Tencent shares his experience in developing Apache Ozone Under File System, showing how to create a new Alluxio Under File System in a few steps with minimal lines of code. The UFS connects to any file systems or object stores, so users can mount different storages like AWS S3 or HDFS into Alluxio namespace.

On Demand | StorageQuery: Federated Querying on Object Stores, Powered by Alluxio + Presto 

Alluxio 2.3 is just released at the end of June 2020. Alluxio core mainters Calvin and Bin go over the new features and integrations available and share learnings from the community.

On Demand | Enabling Hybrid Cloud Analytics and AI with Data Orchestration

In this talk, Alluxio’s Technical Product Manager Adit Madan and Intel’s Global CTO Parviz Peiravi offer an overview of the Alluxio data orchestration layer that provides a unified data access layer for hybrid and multi cloud deployments, leveraging Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory for higher performance caching at reduced cost. The data access layer enables distributed compute engines like Presto, TensorFlow, and PyTorch to transparently access data from various storage systems (including S3, HDFS, and Azure) while actively leveraging a multi-tier cache to accelerate data access.

Good Reads

Blog | Building a High-Performance Platform on AWS to Support Real-Time Gaming Services Using Presto and Alluxio

Blog | Reducing Large S3 API Costs Using Alluxio

Blog | How We Improved Spark Job on HDFS up to 30 Times