Multi-Cloud Webinar Series: Simplify Data Access For AI in Multi-Cloud – Optimizing PyTorch Training and Serving in Practice

This webinar is designed for data platform engineers, data infra engineers, data engineers, and ML engineers who work with multiple data sources in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. Alluxio Developer Advocate Chanchan will guide the audience through using Alluxio to greatly simplify data access and make model training and serving more efficient in these environments.

You will learn:

  • How to access data in multi-region, hybrid, and multi-cloud like accessing a local file system
  • How to run PyTorch to read datasets and write checkpoints to remote storage with Alluxio as the distributed data access layer
  • Real-world examples and insights from tech giants like Uber, AliPay and more

Real-Time Analytics Summit 2024 @ San Jose, CA | May 9 

Alluxio will be at the upcoming Real-Time Analytics Summit 2024, where Hope Wang, developer advocate, and Chunxu Tang, research Scientist, will present their session: “A Case Study in API Cost of Running Presto in the Cloud at Scale”. Register and save 30% on your ticket with the code HWANG30

Alluxio In Production

See how leading organizations in various industries utilize Alluxio as a part of their infrastructure, achieving better performance with lower costs.

Comcast Case Study | Maximizing Efficiency and Reducing S3 Egress Cost with Hybrid Cloud Data Access

Comcast has implemented Alluxio to address the data access challenges of hybrid cloud. Alluxio provides faster data access and streamlined data management with reduced S3 egress cost, resulting in more efficient and effective data value creation for the organization.

Expedia Group Case Study | Unifying Cross-region Access in the Cloud at Expedia Group — The Path Toward Data Mesh in the Brand World

Expedia Group has implemented Alluxio to federate cross-region data lakes in AWS. Alluxio unifies geo-distributed data silos without replication, enabling consistent and high performance with ~50% reduced costs.

AliPay Case Study | Optimizing Alluxio for Efficient Large-Scale Training on Billions of Files

AliPay, the world’s largest mobile payment platform, has leveraged Alluxio to significantly improve the speed and efficiency of computer vision model training on billions of files. The company has also reduced infrastructure costs and freed data engineers to focus on more strategic tasks. 

Datasapiens Case Study | Reducing Large S3 API Costs Using Alluxio

Datasapiens have adopted Alluxio to overcome high S3 API cost challenges incurred by Presto under several usage concurrency levels by implementing Alluxio between S3 and Presto. 

Zhihu Case Study | Building High-performance Data Access Layer for Model Training and Model Serving for LLM

Zhihu, a top online Q&A platform, deploys Alluxio as a high-performance data access layer for LLM training and serving. Alluxio has accelerated model training by 2~3x, increased GPU utilization from 50% to 90%, and enabled model deployment every minute instead of hours or days. 

Fortune 50 Technology Company | Achieving Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architecture With Application Portability

A Fortune 50 technology company has successfully implemented Alluxio to achieve a hybrid-cloud strategy, become multi-cloud ready, cut costs, and boost agility. 

Upcoming Events

Index Conference 2024 @ Mountain View, CA & virtual | May 16

Meet Alluxio at the Startup Expo and join the Birds of a Feather discussion at lunch. 

Awesome AI Dev Tools meetup @ San Francisco, CA | May 20

Learn how to accelerate data loading for AI/GenAI and get a chance to win raffle of $200 worth of prizes.

MSST 2024 @ Santa Clara, CA | June 4

At the 38th International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and Technology, join Hope Wang in the invited track for a session on Optimizing I/O for AI Workloads in Cloud Data Lakes.

Trino Fest 2024 | June 13

Alluxio is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Trino Fest in Boston and virtually. Learn more about our latest offering to accelerate Trino queries and federate data access.

Mini Videos & Webinar On-demand

Mini Video Series | Maximizing GPU Utilization

In case you missed our recent webinar on Maximizing GPU Utilization, check out these short snippets where Beinan Wang & Tarik Bennett share how Alluxio fits into the architecture of model training platforms and how training tests work with Alluxio:

Mini Video Series | Getting Started with Alluxio on Kubernetes

Learn about the architecture, deployment and best practices of Alluxio on Kubernetes with Shawn Sun, Software Engineer at Alluxio:

Monthly Webinar On-demand | Cloud-Native Model Training on Distributed Data 

In the third part of the multi-cloud webinar series, Shawn Sun, Tech Lead of Cloud Native, and ChanChan Mao, Developer Advocate at Alluxio, delve into how to address the challenges of losing data locality in the multi-cloud scenarios.

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