Modern Data Platform Excellence Series | The Trino Optimization Handbook

Read our newest Ebook to discover the secrets behind Trino’s query engine and learn how to overcome bottlenecks to achieve blazing-fast query performance. Get the expertise tuning tips to unlock the full potential of Trino and transform your data analytics game.

InsideBIGDATA | Impact 50 list Q2 2023

We’re proud to announce that Alluxio continues to hold an honorable mention on the Inside Big Data Impact 50 list for Q2 2023!


Saving Cloud Costs in 2023: Top Five Strategies to Reduce AWS Cloud Data Transfer Fees

Cloud storage has gained popularity recently, but managing AWS or other cloud service costs can be a significant challenge for enterprises. Read our newest cloud costs saving blog to understand the data transfer and egress costs of Amazon Web Services and how to reduce them.

Short Video Series | Paging Storage

We have a new series out about Paging Storage! Learn about this experimental feature in Alluxio 2.9 with Bin Fan, Alluxio’s Chief Architect & VP of Open Source through this 3 parts video series.

  • Part I – What is Paging Storage?
  • Part II – Benefits of Paging Storage
  • Part III – Efficient Alluxio Caching with Paging Storage: coming soon on 5/1

Past events on-demand

Apr Product School On-demand Webinar | Hands-on Lab: Get Started with Kubernetes on Alluxio

To simplify the DevOps of the stack of Alluxio with a query engine, Alluxio has provided two ways to deploy on Kubernetes, helm and operator. They significantly simplify the deployment, configuration, and life cycle management of resources on Kubernetes.

Watch this step-by-step tutorial on how to deploy and run Alluxio on Kubernetes to accelerate analytics workloads.

Tech Talk On-demand | Kubernetes BATCH + HPC Day Europe

In this lightning talk, Shouwei Chen provided a brief overview of different approaches to emulate or introduce data locality in Kubernetes based on his experience working with open-source projects.

Upcoming Events

May Open Office Hours | May 11, 11:00 am PT

Bin Fan, Alluxio’s Chief Architect and VP of Open source, will host our May Open Office Hours. Are you looking to speed up your queries? Are you stuck in your cloud migration journey? Have challenges onboarding new applications? Join our Apr office hour where Alluxio open-source project core maintainer Shouwei will answer all of your questions!

Open Source Summit North America | May 10 – 12, @Vancouver

Alluxio will be speaking at Open Source Summit North America, the premier open source developer and community contributor event, in Vancouver May 10-12! Register now & check out our talks! 

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