AI and Analytics Solutions for Autonomous Driving and Smart Vehicles

Scaling Analytics & AI Platform on Existing Infrastructure for Autonomous Driving and Smart Vehicles

Multi Cloud Webinar Series

Cloud-Native Model Training on Distributed Data on Tuesday Apr 23rd!

Join us to explore how to address the challenges of losing data locality in the multi-cloud scenarios.

Alluxio optimizes your analytics and AI platform on your existing infrastructure, enabling your organization to gain a competitive edge in the automotive industry with innovations that yield better outcomes.

Unify Data Access

Unify Data Access

Provide a single point of access to multiple data lakes, making hybrid and multi-cloud data infrastructure a reality.

Save Data Infrastructure Costs

Save Data Infrastructure Costs

Enable up to 70% in data infrastructure TCO savings. Eliminate I/O stall to increase the ROI of GPU resources.

Accelerate AI/Analytics Pipeline

Accelerate ML and Data Pipelines

Deliver unparalleled performance, with up to 20x model training speed and 10x model deployment speed.

“WeRide aims at delivering Level 4 autonomous driving technology for the future. Data access is a critical part of developing smart mobility. Alluxio is the right partner – we experienced many improvements using Alluxio, including reducing the complexity of data synchronization by having a single interface to access data, and saving S3 egress cost of downloading redundant data.”

Derek Tan
Executive Director of Infra & Simulation at WeRide

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Data and AI Challenges



“Alluxio is the best choice for optimizing our model training platform. Traditional NAS could not scale to handle an increasing volume of data and could cause issues with data synchronization. Alluxio, on the other hand, provides excellent scalability and allows us to expand our AI infrastructure without sacrificing performance. Additionally, our data scientists have seen a significant improvement in productivity since they no longer have to waste time copying data between systems.”

An autonomous driving computing platform company

Alluxio solves data challenges by providing a platform between your existing compute engines and storage systems, optimizing data access at every step of your data pipeline to accelerate analytics and AI workloads, on-prem, in the cloud, or both. 

Alluxio Data Platform has two product offerings – Alluxio Enterprise Data and Alluxio Enterprise AI.

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